Solid Waste Agency of Northwest Nebraska (SWANN)

SWANN Rates & Fees

   $23.30 per month
        $13.60 Each Additional Unit
   $23.30 per month first unit
Rural Household
   $11.35 per month (billed quarterly)
Small dumpster (1 cu.yd.)
Medium Dumpster (1.5 cu.yd.)
Large Dumpster (3 cu.yd.)
Trash in Hemingford and Crawford is collected by contract haulers.
        These customers pay SWANN for the "Disposal fees" which are: residential-$13.85/mo
Commercial - small $12.88 med $19.33 large $38.65. The balance goes to the haulers and is collected by the city utility offices.
        In Crawford Contact (Stumph Sanitation 665-1193) In Hemingford Contact (H&H Sanitation 762-1722)
        For pickup schedules.
Collection Site Fees
        SWANN customers may dispose of 4 regular car or light truck tires per day, at a collection site, with no additional charge. Above that, the charges are as follows:
Additional Car or Light Truck tires (up to 20")
   $3.00 each
Truck or Semi Tires (up to 24")
   $6.00 each
Tractor or Agricultural Implement tires
   $20.00 each
Heavy Industrial tires
   $30.00 each
Waste oil, scrap iron, appliances, or automotive batteries.
        There is no additional charge/fee for waste oil, scrap iron, appliances, including Freon containing, or automotive batteries.
Construction/Demolition Debris
        Commercial accounts pay $42/ton with a $5.25/ton discount if hauled directly to landfill ($36.75)
   $42.00 - $36.75 at landfill
SWANN can not accept liquids or hazardous materials. This would be in violation of Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) regulations.
The landfill is located 15 miles north of Chadron, NE. on Highway 385. The landfill is NOT open to the public. An appointment must be made prior to delivery to the landfill. This can be accomplished by contacting the main office at (308) 432-4245 or (800) 425-4245. The landfill is normally open from 8am until 3:30pm Monday thru Friday, weather permitting.

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